We are a homeschooling family of four living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We began our homeschooling journey when our oldest was nine months old! We knew then that it was what we wanted for our family. We are active participants in our community, our city, our province, and our country. We also love to travel! Most of all we love learning at home and as a Mum I participate in this too. I’m currently working on a second degree which is going very slowly but it is going!

We’ve been told we don’t “look like homeschoolers;” whatever that means but I figure there are lots of us out there that don’t fit he public view of homeschooling. We behave in public knowing that we may be the only homeschooling family that someone meets and it is our responsibility to make their view of homeschooling a good one!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. There are many more people getting involved in homeschooling in our particular area in the states. The kids seem happy & well adjusted. It seems the more the family embraces it, the better they do. Nice meeting you.


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