A Homeschooling Poem

We get up in the morning

And have a bowl of eats

Sometimes we like to sleep in

And eat a bowl of treats


Homeschooling is for us

Because we like to chat

About the planes in World War II

Or Yasser Arafat


You see, when you are here all day

You learn a thing or two

About how we are all connected

The past, the now, and you


We wouldn’t be right here right now

Without those who came before

We owe our lives to those who fought

In both of the world wars


Today our homeschool day begins

With pancakes and a verse

To those who fought to give us freedom

To you we owe our birth


12 Days of Homeschooling

12 months of learning

11 homeschool field trips

10 friends came over

9 novels got read

8 history decades

7 science units

6 pounds of Play-doh

5 kings and queens

4 books of poems

3 Shakespeare plays

2 teacher visits

And a happy homeschooling family